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I'm a dichotomy of blue jeans, pretty jewelry, frugalista, and Southern girl living the simple rural life. I want to live my life holistically, thoughtfully, economically, and most of all gratefully, and encourage other women to do the same.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He's Back to his Old Tricks

He's baaaaaaack.
Don't let him fool you. Tinsel looks happy. But Tinsel is MISCHIEVOUS.
He just came back two days ago, fresh in from helping Santa make toys. He came to check up on my son.

Overnight, he seems to have had a little fun with "Brother."

Brother just smiled through it all. We found him the next morning.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Feliz Navidad Supper

Are you like me and getting a little tired of turkey and ham this time of the year? In the South, it's very important to have a bird (or a side of pig) on the holiday menu.

I have another idea this time of year. My "feliz navidad" dish - taco salad!

Why ever would I call it Feliz Navidad? Look at the beautiful Christmas colors in this dish! And the happiest part for me is that it is a cinch to make and feeds a crowd for a last-minute dinner party idea. I have even made two of these to feed a VERY hungry group.

Start with a base of blue corn tortilla chips (organic is great, if you can find them) on a large platter.

Layer on a deep green vegetable over the chips, such as fresh spinach. Then cook 1/2 to 1 pound ground venison or beef with taco seasoning, draining the fat as necessary. I like to use deer meat when possible because it is much leaner and has less artery-clogging fat. But sometimes I run out (it's not deer season all year long!), and I will use ground round.

Next, open and rinse a can of black beans and a can of dark red kidney beans. I sprinkle on about 3/4 of each can, for an extra protein boost to fill up the boys all night long!

Next, chop and add a tomato to the top. Dress it with dollops of light sour cream and salsa. In a pinch, I usually use jarred salsa, but I'll give my homemade recipe in a later post. Top with a sprinkling of grated Monterrey Jack cheese, and wa-la! You are done.

I'm a big proponent of using what you have, so you can substitute colby or cheddar cheese, or even mozzarella. Since I live out a little piece in the country, it's not very easy for me to run to the grocery store if I'm out of something.

Hope you will enjoy at one of your gatherings this season!