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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wedge Pillow: Useful at Any Age, Stage

I love my wedge bed pillow. Never mind it is 11 years old.

It has been used multiple times for multiple purposes by more than one person.

For example, I first used it (and bought it) when I was pregnant with my son and could not take anti-reflux medication. It kept the heartburn at bay.

It next went to work when I had a sinus infection. It helped me breathe at night.

Then, my son used it when he started coughing all night with a cold.

Next, I used it to help relieve the pressure from lying down at night when I suffered a bout of TMJ.

I've tried to get Mr. Country Belle to try it out. He has yet to take me up on the offer.

I encourage you to try it. If you already have, leave me a comment below and let me know when it was most useful to you. I'm always looking for good tips to share!