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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Should I?

Meet my cousins - "Should" and "Should Have." They like to sit right beside me every day - one on each side. I bet you have a couple of cousins like them. They can be rude. They constantly remind me of things like: "I should sit down at the computer and write this article before the weekend" or "I should have clipped those coupons and brought them with me instead of just dropping by the grocery store on my way home." How about: "I should have cleaned the house so I wouldn't have to do it on Saturday." Or "I should have punished my child for his rude outburst instead of letting it go again."

They keep me tense most of the time. Do I need them? Do you? They are the only cousins you're allowed to secretly wish would politely drop off the face of the earth.

We fill our lives with shoulds and should haves. But I've learned it's not only unwise - but wrong, according to the Bible - to live in the future full of worry or in the past full of regrets.

Good enough is, well, good enough.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to (Home)school

We've only been in school officially one week, and I swear my son is already eyeballing next June on the calendar. Buddy, you've got a lot a learnin' to do before then! I find it helpful when other bloggers post their annual curriculum because it sometimes exposes me to ideas, topics, and books of which I'm not aware. So I thought I'd post my son's curriculum this year, just in case anyone has a child in a similar situation and is looking for something different.

4th grade boy/2011-2012 curriculum:

Math - Saxon Math 5/4 supplemented with "Life of Fred: Fractions"

Writing - Institute for Excellence in Writing: Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons

History - History of the World: Ancient Times supplemented with: Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia of World History, Trail Guide for World Geography

Science - Apologia Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day

Bible - Apologia "Who is God?"

Grammar - Shurley Grammar 4

Reading: "real books" on ancient history and land animals

Cursive - Handwriting without Tears

Latin - Latina Christiana I

Spanish - outside class

Art History - outside class

During the first week, my son got a little restless because his mind was still on riding waves at Edisto Beach, canoeing on the Broad River, watching "I Love Lucy" on TV, and generally staring up at the sky.

So we put History in action by building a "home" like the first nomads would have built.
He got so excited he decided to build a smaller lean-to.

If there's one thing I've learned in homeschooling, is that when minds wander (or tears set in), it's time to change direction for a little while. This foray into the woods got us back on track for the day.

Happy school year to you!