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Friday, July 6, 2012

Summertime Vegging

Vegging out sounds pretty good for the summer months, and by that I mean "doing nothing for three whole months straight."

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen around here.

I have a small garden. And my dad has a small garden. Add those together, and you have a mildly large garden with vegetables that need eating or putting up in the freezer for the winter months.

Now, I could get my Italian on and can a nice marinara sauce for future months. Or I could can a few tomatoes for wintertime vegetable soup.

But that's not the route I like to go with homegrown tomatoes. Instead, I gorge myself on them for lunch and supper every day. As far as I'm concerned, June and July tomatoes from my garden or my family's garden are the best food on the face of the earth. People should just stop growing tomatoes in the other three seasons. Really, what is the point?

If you don't live in the country and can't grow your own or you don't have the ability to buy some farm-grown tomatoes in the summer, I am sorry. I am truly sorry for you.

Tomatoes aren't the only bounty.
Thank goodness my son likes to shuck and silk corn. That's because it's the first year I've let him do it. I am willing to let him do it every summer from now on. But my guess is that he will not be too enthusiastic about it next summer. I am making the most of it this summer, that's all I'm sayin'. (Do you like his creative setup - trash can on top of the step stool on top of the box to make it even with his seat? Whatever it takes, baby.)

Happy, happy summertime.