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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Can Groceries Get More Expensive?

Look at this bag.
It's my shopping bag from a recent quick trip to Publix to pick up a few food items. It looks deceptively empty, but it contains my grocery items. As you can see, it is not especially full.

Here's a picture of the contents. (Sorry for my out-of-focus skills on this shot).
Here's the point to this story. I want you to guess the price of these few food items.

I shop all the time, and yet I was still blown away by the amount the cashier told me.

Wait for it................



I'll say it again. Get yourself to an ALDI. You can find a store on their site. There are 19 in my state.

Load up on as many food items as you can. It's the most affordable way to shop, supplementing with the items you can't find at your local grocery store. I put together a comparison post last year on this subject.

At this grocery rate, I'm afraid all of us will be very hungry soon. Unless we win the jackpot. Or at least land the six-figure job offer.

Have a happy day. (And eat light).