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I'm a dichotomy of blue jeans, pretty jewelry, frugalista, and Southern girl living the simple rural life. I want to live my life holistically, thoughtfully, economically, and most of all gratefully, and encourage other women to do the same.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life in the Country

I'm feeling a little sentimental today. My son is away for a few days, it's raining outside, and I'm pulling together the finishing touches on the homeschool curriculum and realizing there's only a few days left before the school year starts.

So I'm thinking about what I'm grateful for - and that includes living in the country with all the great opportunities and natural elements that affords me and my family. So today, you get a rural rendezvous of what I love most about summer in the Southern South (is that enough alliteration for you?).

Rare spider lilies grow in the river behind our house. Not many people in the world get to see these live!


No, I'm not thankful for copperheads. I'm thankful for weed-whackers that can get copperheads before they can get Mr. Country Belle.

Flower gardens.

Vegetable gardens.

Our chickens. First, because they give us fresh, organic eggs every day. Second, because they are such great stress relievers. Ever watch chickens take a dust bath or try to peck insects out of each other's mouths? Hilarious!

Blackberry Cobbler.

Make your own list of what you're thankful for - just for today.