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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Crazy Shopping List

It's the season for shopping. I often don't shop at Walmart because I like to support my neighbors' shops whenever I can. I haven't blacklisted Walmart, of course. It's just too darn crowded in there and the register lines are so slow, I'd prefer to skip it when I can.

The other day, Walmart was the most convenient place to stop on my way through the country from one destination to another. Yes, you heard right. Walmart is smack in the middle of the country, too.

It didn't hit me until I got home and began entering receipts into my Quickbooks software how ridiculous I must have looked walking through the store with my two items - a sock monkey and cream of chicken soup. Where else can you buy a crazy assortment like this?

My son was happy for the soup. I used it to make his absolute favorite chicken casserole.

And the puppy was happy for Sock Monkey. She has a special affinity for squeaky sock monkeys, which she carries around in her mouth most of the day when she's inside the house.


Hope you have a happy day!