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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend in the Country

If the title of this post has you thinking of leisurely walks down woodsy lanes, I feel sorry to bust your bubble. Weekends in the country are usually about work. At least on Saturdays.

And especially when one tree loosens its roots from the soil on the bank of the river, falling and taking down two other trees with it.

We have been looking at the mess for eight months. But let's face it - the job couldn't be tackled until winter weather arrived. Who wants to wade into the grassy, weedy mess that surrounds fallen trees when it's snake season on the banks of the river? In case this one stumps you - ABSOLUTELY NO ONE.

A particular boy believes it is better to play "king of the hill" on the bonfire pile than to actually haul limbs to it.

See how precious-wecious my little one is on his four-wheeler pulling a trailer-full of limbs? Don't tell him I said precious-wecious. No self-respecting 9-year-old boy wants to be called precious-wecious by his mama.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead....
Miss Pitty Pat was working, too. (No animals were hurt in the production of this post. Well, that's not absolutely true. But if you want a truckload of field mice, I can deliver them to you.)

Thanks for all the hard work, everyone.