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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goin’ Fishin’

Sometimes February in South Carolina can be blissful, just as it was these past few days in the 70s. Sunny and warm and not too windy. Even though it’s February, it seemed a perfect day for fishin’ to my husband and son. So they hauled all their gear down the steep hill behind the house to the river.
But first they had to get their boat ready. After all, it has actually been under a pile of snow TWICE this year! Miraculous down here.

Seats had to be put back in.

Thankfully, somebody remembered safety.

The view was beautiful from the bank. Look closely – see the lone turtle?
Unhooking the boat from the 4-wheeler’s wench so it can float free is my son’s favorite part.
Some like the rest. Others love the fishing. Can you tell which is which?
Here’s the turtle party the lonester was trying to get to.
And here are the geese that flew overhead honking as I was doing a little reading, er…napping.

Ahhh…can’t wait ‘til spring.


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