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Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a Swingin'

I told you before about my favorite time of the day. It's summertime, so the right time is about 8:30 pm, when dusk is falling.

Many times in the evening, my 9-year-old son heads out to the backyard swing.
I soooooooo remember doing that as a kid. After supper, while my parents were still talking at the kitchen table, I would excuse myself and head out to the backyard and jump on the swing set.

I tried to touch my toes to the sky. If I was really lucky, I would hear the clank of dishes being washed in the kitchen sink through the open window. That meant I was not on dish washing duty.

I think dusk in summertime in the South has ALWAYS been my favorite time of day.
Ahhhh. *sigh*

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