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Monday, March 7, 2011

Keeping Groceries Affordable

Gas prices aren't the only things reaching for heaven these days. The price of groceries is continuing to climb. And yes, I know all about the power of coupons; however, some of us don't have all the time it takes to mount the massive couponing effort necessary to save considerable money on weekly groceries.

I do clip coupons, often matching them up with the Publix sales flyer. I spend about two hours a week searching, clipping, and pulling together the menu and grocery lists each week. And that's about all the time I have with my writing/PR business, homeschooling, cleaning, chauffeuring, and cooking duties all calling my name.

I've found a better way to save money at the store, and it often surprises me more people don't take advantage of it. I shop at ALDI. Check the web; I'm sure you can find one nearby.

They don't accept coupons and only take cash or debit cards, but that isn't usually a problem. Their prices are lower without coupons than the traditional grocery store with coupons. For example, bananas at Publix are $0.69/lb.; at Sam's Wholesale Club, they're $0.46/lb., and at Aldi, they're $0.39/lb.

I bought 8 oz. of cheddar cheese at Publix for $2.69; the next week, I bought the same product for $1.49 at Aldi. In fact, the previous month, Aldi's cheese was $1.79; the price on this product is dropping.

Publix brand cream of chicken soup costs $0.95; Aldi's costs $0.59.

I paid $2.93 for a small bag of Quaker rice snacks at Publix; the next week, I paid $1.99 for a larger bag of Aldi's cheddar cheese rice snacks.

Publix's fresh strawberries cost me $3.49; the same size container at Aldi cost me $2.49.

See what I mean? The same value as coupons but for those of us who are time (or patience) deprived.

The food is great, and I have always been satisfied with Aldi's quality. They even have non-food items on special from time to time. I bought a really great camouflage sleeping bag rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit for Cub Scout campouts for $39. A steal!

I hope you can take this advice and save yourself some money this month.

Best of luck,

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