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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Present for Me

Over the holiday weekend, our kitty cat, Miss Pitty Pat, brought me a present. I was minding my own business, taking a break on the front porch wicker chair when she decided it was the right time to present it.

Hmmmmmmmmm..........What kind of presents do Pitty Pats bring? (Warning to City Girls: Look away now if you get squeamish easily).

Let me tell you, she just plopped it right down at my feet.

I think I was supposed to show my total pleasure, but I wasn't sure how I should do it. At first, I was a little mortified because as a mother, my first thought was of the poor baby bunny's mother. What was she thinking?

Miss Pitty Pat pretended to show indifference, but I could tell she was proud to bring it to me. So I petted her head and said, "What a great hunter you are! Thank you!"

Then I thought about where I had left the shovel so I could kindly take it away.

After a full minute ticked by, and I didn't pounce upon the little bunny and eat it (well, of course not!), Miss Pitty Pat snatched it back up and ran off with it.

I"d like to say that was the end of the story, but later that night, under cover of darkness, I found her doing what all country cats do with their prize hunts.

I'll leave out the details. Let's just say she wasn't interested in dry kitty food for supper that night.

Oh, my. And I thought mothers developed a tough mind and stomach as a result of what their little boys put them through. Apparently, the pets help out, too.

Happy short week to you!


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