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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Like Parent, Like Child.

Fact: I'm still writing on the theme of "Family" this month.
Warning: I'm still sappy because my son is away from home for the second week in a row.

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "An apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

For the first three years of our homeschool, I was sure I was the one who could prove the saying false.

I am a reader. My whole life, I have had a book stuck in my face (and sometimes now an e-book) when I have no responsibilities on my plate. Sometimes now, since I am a bonafide, official adult with responsibilities running out of my ears, I sneak away and take a break with a book.

Here I am as a "tween." (I'm not sure that term was coined back then).

(Photo courtesy of my Mama's 1970-something Polaroid camera).

Fresh from the bed first thing in the morning, I grabbed the book. You can see I'm almost finished with it. I was always almost finished with it.

I remember so many great things I learned from reading. When I ran out of books from my trip to the library, I read from my parent's bookshelf (The Bermuda Triangle - fascinating - and Helter Skelter - so not recommended for reading by your elementary school child. I couldn't sleep for weeks after that one).

So - back to the apple falling from the tree. I despaired because I could not interest my son in reading. Even when I took over his education, he still read only when forced and only for the exact time (20 minutes) required by his wonderful (ahem) teacher. I couldn't even get him to enjoy reading the comics. He declared he hated to read. I was depressed. Depressed, but determined.

Then suddenly one day, I found the miracle lineup of books. Robin Hood, Adam of the Road, and King Arthur. I thought I would fight him on reading these books, as some of them have some quite difficult-to-understand Old English words. Something about the swords and castles and knights, and merry men grabbed him. And he suddenly loved reading.

Next, I plugged him into the Warrior series by Erin Hunter. And a reader was born. I rejoiced. Perseverance does pay off.

Looky, looky at this:

He has kept it up all summer Now he's truly the apple of my eye. :)

Happy summer reading to you. I'm in the midst of three books at once. I'll give you the full details on those later.

Happy day!

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