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Friday, January 7, 2011

Of Birds and Boys

Remember when I got bit by the spring bug last weekend when we had a stroke of warm weather? I put new bird seed in the feeder. I had forgotten to do this for about a week, and all the birds left. I miss the birds, so I pulled out the safflower seed. They love it, and the squirrels hate it because it's bitter on their taste buds. A win-win. I get to see the birds, and I don't have to spend a fortune replacing seed the squirrels dig through and throw around everywhere.

So I got to see this little one today.
A Carolina Chickadee? That's the best I can tell from our booklet of South Carolina birds. If you know better, I'd like to hear.

Then this fellow came along and scared away everyone else.

Male and female cardinals swarm around the safflower seeds. They really love them.

And there was a beautiful Yellow-bellied Sapsucker but he was too skittish for me to take a photo. Next time.

And then this happened.

Do you know what is going on here? I'll give you a hint - the birds didn't like it.

Look closely. See the sparks? Shooting BBs at the feeding birds is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED in this household. But someone found a way around that with leftover firecrackers from New Year's Eve.


Don't understand the thrills. Still gotta love them.


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