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Monday, January 10, 2011

Drink Lemon for Good Health

As I mentioned in my December 29th post, One Resolution at a Time, I make it a habit to squeeze the juice of one and one-half lemons per day, drinking 1/3 of the juice periodically throughout the day after each meal.

Here's about how much juice that amounts to:
I just squeeze it in the morning and leave it out in a glass container I sip from throughout the day.

The lemon juice aids in digestion and has helped me kick the acid reflux medication I had taken for many years. I've been using the left lemon system for eight months now and am not looking back.

If I feel a slight case of heartburn coming on, I reach for a little lemon juice now instead of an over-the-counter antacid. Works like a charm. Sounds counterintuitive, but from my understanding, reflux problems such as mine result from too little stomach acid, not too much acid as I previously thought. So lemon juice is helping out the body's natural acids to properly digest foods.

Hope this helps you, too, in your quest for good health.

Love, TCB

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