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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poor Man's Lunch

Have you ever experienced a point in your life when everything seems to hit at once? Troubles here and there come in threes and fours, and they all have a price tag?

Once, we had three (yes, three!) mortgages going at once. And we were building a house. Needless to say, I had no extra time and no extra money to spare.

In those less-than-wealthy days, I "invented" a meal that was fast and cheap. That was pre-kids, but my "Ham and Macaroni" happens to be something my son loves now, too. Enough to ask for it.

Here's how it goes:

Cook elbow macaroni and drain according to the box's directions (about 10 minutes). I usually cook about 3/4 of a box. In the meantime, open a small can of ham (two if you cook more macaroni) and break it apart with a fork so it resembles hash.

After draining the macaroni, put it in a large mixing bowl and add enough mayonnaise to give it some flavor. Here's where I like to pretend I'm being a little bit healthy. I add half "real" mayonnaise and half light mayo made with olive oil.
Stir it all up. Then add the ham.
Stir in the ham and sprinkle to your taste with seasoned salt.

Wa-la! It's done. Eat right away while warm. And if you want to be a tad healthier, just add a green salad.

Why did I remember this concoction from so many years ago? Maybe it has something to do with the outside painting, plumbing leak, wall repair, and new HVAC unit we've had to tackle at our house in the last three months. But don't feel sorry for us. My boys say, "Woo-hoo, it's ham and macaroni! Why haven't you made this lately?"

I just smile and say I've been busy.


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