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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Staging at its Best

I'm sure you've heard of the coined term "staging," most often used when a real estate agent comes in and decorates a home for faster sale. But I think the real usefulness of the staging concept is to use it to apply to your home when you intend to stay in it.

One of my friends and PR clients is a woman (Pam) who has an eye for good design. She has been an interior designer for more than 20 years. Recently, I had her come over to my home. I only think I'm a good decorator, and the way I had arranged my small formal dining room was "unsettling," Pam said. Well.

I wish I had taken a before photo for you, but alas, I did not.

So I challenged Pam to rearrange only what I had in my dining room (or other downstairs rooms) to create a more pleasing look.

I think she did a great job.

And it cost not a penny!


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