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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Dictionary

My Dictionary

Do I sound a little attached to a Book of Words? I've always loved words and loved reading. And this may sound a little nerdy...ok, very nerdy...but I got this beautiful (once new) unabridged dictionary for Christmas. When I was in kindergarten. (Are you laughing?)

*sigh* It has so many pictures inside to illustrate the thousands of words it contains. I used to just read it for the fun of learning new things. And before you preconceive any notions about me, let me say that I am pretty well adjusted in spite of this nerdy state of mind.

It is well worn. The packing tape seems to hold it in shape enough to get by. I guess I don't have to say that this book is roughly 35 years old.

In homeschooling my son, I have yet to teach him about dictionary.com (gasp from the audience). That's really an easy site to use, and I didn't want him to rely on the easiest method of searching for words and definitions. I am teaching him how to use the good, old-fashioned printed dictionary (although he has an age appropriate version with all the words created in the last 10 years due to the internet).

I think one of my new favorites is the email sign-up for the "Word of the Day" on the home page of dictionary.com. Perfect for any word lover. Might I recommend it for homeschooling your child?

I'd love to hear about any cool sites you know focused on words and how we use them.

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