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Friday, February 4, 2011

World's Messiest Office

World's Messiest Office

I think I may have the world's most unorganized office. It's my home office - for bill paying, designing lesson plans for homeschooling, grading papers, blogging, and surfing the internet. It's also my work office - for writing articles (and a book), corresponding and working with public relations clients, and managing two businesses' books and marketing initiatives.
My issue is lack of time. Am I sure? Yes, because the rest of my house doesn't look nearly this bad!
What happens? There is always something to do, someone waiting on something. And I always choose to do that over clean my office.

As you can see, there are files on the floor. I'm ashamed to say some of these may be up to three years old.

I'm always looking for ideas to straighten up this mess. Hit me with them!

Just don't expect much from me until I get past tax season!

TCB (from my embarrassing office - yes, I'm sitting here now)

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