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Monday, March 28, 2011

Life-Work Balance

I got a chance to visit my college friend Jolie in a neighboring state last week. I realized how blessed we are (and I know we are not the only ones) to be able to add to our household income by working without excluding our children.

She is able to work as a part-time preschool teacher, taking her three children to work with her most mornings when they are "tracked out." They attend year-round school, so some months they are off during non-summer months. How wonderful it is to be able to provide while still keeping an eye on your children and teaching them the value of hard work.

I homeschool and am able to complete media relations projects and writing assignments at my home office during non-school hours or while my son is studying independently. What a blessing to be able to finish a last-minute magazine article assignment during the evening while my son is snoozing or on the weekend while he is having fun with dad. With the proliferation of technology, it is possible to do both and do them both pretty well.

Although technology is often blamed for creating a 24x7 stressful environment, my experience has been that if you know how to put it all in perspective, technology can be an enabler to true work-life balance.

Hope you find your balance on this Monday.


My friend Jolie doing her "teacher thing" with her kids and mine at a science museum. I know, I know, some of the kids are blurry, but did you really think I could get four kids to stand still at the same time??

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