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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Field Trip Ideas, Part I

Looking for good spring field trip ideas? I have two today. One we participated in as a family, and one we attended as part of our small elementary homeschool group.

Just as the weather was warming up, we attended the first day of the Battle of Aiken (SC) reenactment. The Battle of Aiken was a Civil War battle (we ARE in the deep South), but there are both Civil War and Revolutionary War reenactments around the country.

It gave my son a chance to see what he had been reading about for a couple of months.

It wasn't always pretty.

But neither was the war.

But the horses were.

We just participated with a small group of homeschoolers to attend a nice older couple's small goat farm. They breed nubian dairy goats.

Did you know nubian dairy goats eat blue jeans?
Whoa, girl! Those are Levi's.

My son put together a nice summary of his new goat knowledge in his science journal.

So, we were able to work in a wee bit of writing, too, into the school day.
There were chickens and honeybees (not getting close enough to photog them, thank you) and a miniature horse.

Did you know mini horses can be trained as guide horses? Crazy, but true. But they have a slight reputation for kicking and biting. So they double as bodyguards, too.

And, in true farm spirit, we ended the visit with - what else - ice cream (in the a.m., no less) made of goats' milk and last year's strawberries pulled from the freezer.

Perfecto! In all my 40-something years, I had NEVER had ice cream in the morning before. Can't say that anymore!


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