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Monday, April 4, 2011

Why I Love Saturdays

Everyone loves weekends but for different reasons. I actually like to work on weekends, but it's a totally different kind of work from weekday activities, so I really enjoy it. All week long I use my brain - homeschooling math and grammar and 10 other subjects, writing for magazines, and completing PR projects for clients. So I love physical labor on Saturdays. It's a change of pace, and I enjoy the sense of accomplishment it brings.

So this Saturday was "getting the raised vegetable gardens ready" Saturday.

First, I put together my new beds. Yay!

Then I made my soil concoction - vermiculite, cow manure, mushroom compost, chicken manure, and peat moss - and added it to the beds.

I'm trying the Square Foot method this year, so I added my grid.
Looks easy but it took a couple of hours and some muscle.

Next came a few tomato transplants. I love tomatoes! A Southern garden is not complete without them. Amen.

This is what others were doing on Saturday.
PS. I did not color coordinate his outfit.

My husband was actually helping me mix the dirt and drive the four-wheeler (hey, wait a minute - that's not work, it's fun).

Then I snuck around back and planted this mossy ground cover in the large patio pot that holds my Japanese maple tree.
The goal is for it to cover the inside of the pot at the base of the tree within the next few weeks.

Then I took a few pictures of the finishing touches added to the new chicken coop.

Hope you had the perfect weekend, too. I'm missing it already.


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