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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Organize Me

I'm reading one book (besides my Bible) in September. My reading aspirations are low because homeschooling is in full swing. All those years of working for clients when I owned a PR agency taught me how to manage expectations of my clients. Now I'm finally learning how to manage my expectations of myself.

This month's book is"I Used to Be So Organized" by Glynnis Whitwer. There are about a zillion organizational books on the market. This isn't one of them. I like it because the first half of the book is so different from the rest. It focuses on knowing God's will for your individual life and setting your priorities accordingly. That one point should be the driving piece of how you organize your life. Somehow the way Whitwer explains it just simplifies the decision-making process for me.

Does that mean you will need to drop an activity or two from your list of to-do's? Probably. I have two that I will be dropping this month to focus on my main priorities - homeschooling, child rearing, homekeeping, faith growing, and writing.

I'm ditching my cousins - Should and Should Have. They don't need me anyway. And I don't need them. So there.

Have a happy day.

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