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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Fragrance in the Garden

The best smell in the garden this fall time of year comes from....

tea olive shrubs.

You wouldn't imagine an evergreen shrub with the most inconspicuous flowers could perfume the air all around it. I don't even have mine planted near my backyard patio. They are on the side of the house, but the smell wafts all the way over to my relaxing chair out back. In fact, the tea olive fragrance actually gets stronger if you move farther away from it. Stick your nose in the bush to try and take a whiff like you would treat a rosebush, and you won't get nearly the full aroma.

And you know what's so beautiful about them to me? They survived our HOT, DRY summer and the deer don't eat them. Woo-hoo for the country tea olive!

Plant one (or two or three) this fall or winter in your yard.


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