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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Take a Country Walk

While the mile-and-a-quarter road to my house is now paved and not the single lane dirt road it was when we first moved to the country, it is still a nice place to take a walk with my son.

I did just that this afternoon. I always learn all sorts of things.

I learn amazing events. As we shuffled along, he told me he saw three (!) bald eagles when he went fishing in the river behind our house last weekend.

I learned that HardiPlank makes an excellent fort impenetrable by airsoft "bullets."

(Ignore the photographer and her shadow. She is not too great.)

And that chickens lay their eggs one at a time. (I knew that, but I was glad he did, too.)

I'm not sure why half the things my son tells me on our walks work their way into the conversation, but because I find out about what he's thinking and doing, it's OK.

I find out about what his friend said and how nervous he may or may not feel about his upcoming swim meet. I find out about the weather forecast for the next five days (one of his obsessions). And sometimes he just says something surprising like, "I like being at home with you."

What can I tell you? My one piece of advice is to take a walk with your child when you can. You don't have to say a word. He'll do all the talking.


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