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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Haven't Been to the Grocery Store in Two Weeks

When I get busy with schooling, work projects, and just plain runnin' around, I can't find one minute to go to the grocery store. Sound crazy? If you're a homeschooling or professional work-at-home-office mom like me, I bet you understand 100%.

That's why when I get a slow week, I stock the freezer with grocery store and Sam's Wholesale Club items to beat the "what is there to eat around here" blues. Plus, you know I have one of my freezers insanely stocked with venison, one of the healthiest meats around.

So up this week was:

Cubed venison steak
brown rice & gravy
Lima beans
biscuits ya'll

Deviled chicken wings
red potatoes with butter and chives
celery & ranch dressing

Corned beef brisket

My family was not even aware I had not visited the store. Thumbs up for smart provisioning.

I'll share the deviled chicken wings recipe in the next post. I so wanted to share a photo of them with you, but my husband eats too darned fast.

Happy day!


  1. Sounds yummy!!! We had cornbread this week also--made in my great grandmother cast iron skillet!!! It makes the BEST bread and fried chicken!!!

  2. I'm with you. I only want to use a cast iron skillet for cornbread. I wish I had my grandmother's well-seasoned skillet, too!