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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wart Did You Say?

Do moms ever overreact? Of course we do when it comes to our babies. When your child complains of a headache, does your mind ponder the worst? We all have bouts of thinking we should be doing more or that the little cold could be something much worse.

In that line of "mom reasoning," I took my son to the doctor last week. He has had a swollen lump on his thumb for about two months.

I obviously wasn't overreacting. After all, it was there two whole months before I gave it a thought.

Then suddenly last week it turned black. Oh my, we had to get to the doctor's office right away. It could be an infection; he could be losing his thumb if I did not get it checked out. It may already be too late!

So I made an appointment and we made the drive to the doctor's office in the afternoon. We sat and waited for the doctor to come into the room. The nurse asked us a lot of questions. Within a few minutes, the doctor came in.

Within 30 seconds, she looked at me like I had three heads and said, "It's a common wart. It happens to kids all the time. Get wart remover from the drugstore and it will be gone soon."

Duh?! How was I to know it wasn't a flesh-eating bacteria?

Mamas need to be sure. Whatever the cost. No matter how dumb we look to the doctor.

Mamas, take care of your babies!


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