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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's Blooming in my Southern Garden in February and March

We have had a super mild winter, so the blossoms have begun peeking their heads through a little earlier than usual this year. Although I've yet to spend a day weeding the garden, there are signs of warm weather sprinkled throughout my landscape.

If you need some ideas to add color to your garden this (usually) bleak time of the year (weather-wise, that is), consider these:

Eastern Redbud (a small tree)

Daffodils (you must plant bulbs in November)

Here's a shy one. It's called Daffodilus Bashfulus.

Viburnum. Mine is a small tree after thriving for about 10 years in the front yard. There are smaller varieties.

Dwarf Nandina are beautiful in the cold winter air because they turn crimson.

Camellia Japonica, of course. A true Southern traditional shrub whose cut flowers look beautiful floating in bowls of water.

And Breath of Spring. This is a photo from last year. My plants are sparsely blooming this year because they received a haircut at a most unfortunate time in the past.

Now you have six new ideas to add to your garden. None of these require a green thumb. After the first season of establishment, you really don't have to do much at all except occasionally trim Viburnum and Breath of Spring and feed them all periodically.

Happy gardening,

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