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Friday, March 2, 2012

Why Can't We Hire a Housekeeper?

I don't like to rant or complain on my blog because.....well, we can get that ANYWHERE, can't we? I even go so far as to try and dissuade my son from saying negative comments by mimicking the music from the old Debbie Downer skit on Saturday Night Live when he tries to go there - WUH - WAH! Remember that? If you can't, don't tell me because it means you're a young'un. And once you're 40-something, well who wants to be reminded there are people MUCH YOUNGER THAN YOU out there?

But back to my original no-complaint blogging rule. Just so you know - I'm breaking it today. I'm stressed, and I want to share it. You should turn away now if you're in a jolly mood.


Why doesn't anyone in business call you back when they say they will call back??

Why does my neighbor race his motorcycle up and down beside my house until I want to take his ride and smash it into a zillion pieces?? Make that a zillion trillion pieces.

Why does my head hurt??

Why are there weeds taking over my garden beds no matter how many I pull??

Why do we constantly run out of groceries??

Why does gas cost so much??

Why can I not sleep late on Saturday morning - the one morning I'm actually allowed to sleep late??

How come we can't hire a housekeeper??

When did the laundry start quietly multiplying in my laundry room??

Why can't my son finish all his school work without complaining??
OK, I'm done. Thanks for helping me relieve stress before the weekend. I truly hope yours is happy and stress-free.


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