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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When I wanted to be Captain's Tennille

I recently celebrated another birthday, which always puts me in a pensive mood. By now, I've learned to stop wishing I had thinner thighs or straighter hair or any of those nonsense things God didn't designate for me.

But I do remember when....

I wanted to be Captain's Tennille. Don't laugh. It was 1976, and that hair was cool. I wanted to make mine turn under all the way around my head like that. Alas, I have always had curly and wavy hair, and the job proved very hard for my young hands and round brush.

I wanted to be Farah Fawcett. The wings. Oh, it was all about the wings.

I thought Suzanne Somers would be nice to be like. Nice hair. Nice smile. I like her now, too, just for different reasons (bioidentical hormones, anyone?). And she's a survivor and has reinvented herself many times. I like that a lot.

Now, at this seasoned (ahem) age, I am happy to be me. Although it wouldn't hurt to have a dose of Lucille Ball's feistiness and perseverance thrown in for good measure.

Love who you are.


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