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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As a Pet Ages

I wrote before about all the challenges that come with a pet as it gets older, especially larger pets like dogs. And although our beloved golden retriever, Molly, has some vision, hearing and arthritis issues now (she's pushing 17 years old), our vet and groomer both say she is alert and healthy and we do not need to consider euthanasia. Thank goodness. It's a decision some people have to make, and I have been hoping I am not one of them.

But she is to the point of wearing doggie diapers. Saves my floor from pee-pee misadventures.
Sorry, old girl. It had to be done.

But my story today is really about the crazy world of manufacturing and retailing. If you think of an outlandish product, it's probably out there somewhere in our e-commerced, frenzied world.

My husband orders the doggie diapers online. Buying in bulk saves money. I surely thought diapers were one of the expenses I had eliminated from our household budget, but apparently not. Who ever thought our dog would live long enough to become incontinent?

Here's the crazy part of this story: Mr. Country Belle inadvertently ordered the wrong product and had to ship it back. What was it? WASHABLE dog diapers.

Say what???

I'm economically minded and eco-friendly, but I have my limits. In the words of a true Southerner: "I ain't never gonna wash a dog's poo and pee out of a cloth diaper."

Enough said.


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