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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Souper Dooper Project

My son and his friend embarked on a little project when they were bored over the holidays. Really, boys? I  was very happy with my TV-induced coma over the holidays. You weren't?

The project morphed into something a little bit larger.

First, they wrote a letter to 60 police departments requesting uniform patches. In exchange for each patch they received, they said in the letter they would buy and deliver one can of food to our local food pantry.

They got together and opened the letters.
Boy, I bet it was hard to wait two weeks to open all the packages at once!

Some of the loot!

True to their word, they visited the local grocery store and bought at least one can of food for each patch they received. Because of the nice police departments that sent two patches, they increased their purchase a little over the 60 expected patches. They ended up with 77 cans of food. I got the full, exact report on that number.

I am proud they followed through. Here's another tidbit: They spent their own money buying the food.

They are just waiting on Mamas to drive them to the food pantry. As soon as life gets out of the way, we're going to do it next week.

Way to go, boys!

In the spirit of giving & love,
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day! Kiss someone.

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