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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trading Housework Duties

Housework has gotten a bad name. We lump every household chore into that category - and turn our noses up at it. Is housework really the bane of our existence?

I realize I'm treading into the quicksand here, but bear with me.

Do you really hate every single household chore you're tasked with each week?

I despise DESPISE dusting. I will clean my entire house and "forget" to dust.

My friend likes dusting. She says it's the only chore where you can see progress. I secretly think she's crazy.

So, I would like to propose a swap. I'll do your laundry and grocery shopping, and you dust my house and clean the showers. Deal?

Then you can spend your time watching the grass grow.

Or listening to The Rolling Stones.

Tell me in the Comments section below to which household chore you would like to say "hasta la vista?" (If you are reading this in email, click on the link at the bottom where you will be taken to the blog and can comment.)

Have a wonderful, work(free) day!


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