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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When the River Floods

We had lots of rain last week. After a couple of days of heavy rain, with the addition of heavy rains upstream from our house, the banks of the river flooded.

The land on this side of the far trees used to be all green grass.

Suddenly, the fire pit was under water. We held our breath to see if it would make it or be swept away with the current.

After about two days, the water receded. The fire pit made it - and so did the canoes. Yahoo!

While the water was swirling around on our land, my son did what any good red-blooded country boy would do.

He went fishing and caught a bream.

And saved a baby turtle by expediting its trip down to the water. (Baby T had just hatched up on the hill and was making its way down to the water).

There's so much to learn in the country even when homeschool is not officially in session!


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