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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Lick and a Promise

Perfection is not something I cling to around the house anymore. Perfection is a synonym of procrastination. I've written about this topic in a business blog. If you're interested, here's the link to Being a Perfectionist.

With a long-haired golden retriever in the house every day (as well as a nightly visiting American long-hair cat), it can get quite hairy downstairs. I'm talking mucho hairo. I used to fret that my house was never clean. I'm a busy person and kind of a neat freak - I run a business from home, help out at my husband's company, homeschool my son, run my son to every Boy Scout/swim team function in town, take care of pets and chickens, the garden, the house, and the cooking. I used to wait until I had the luxury of time to tackle an onerous chore such as vacuuming. Then I discovered my house became fantastically dirty because there was never a large enough cache to time to get it done "perfectly" and there was always someone or something waiting for my attention.

So I decided to listen to my Mama. Mama, did you hear that?

I decided that giving the downstairs floor "a lick and a promise" was really all that was needed every couple of days. Mama always said just getting something done OK - a lick (at the job) and a promise (to do it better and more complete next time) - was the way to achieve something sometimes. So I quickly vacuumed all the flyaway hairs and promised in a few days when I had time to do it again, I'd clean the baseboards and mop really good, too.

Sometimes GOOD is better than PERFECT.

So give your dusty furniture a lick and a promise and go outside on the deck and have a cold iced tea.


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