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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Family Growing Up

I'm wrapping up a family-focused theme on The Country Belle this month. I'm feeling a little sentimental as the summer begins to wane toward the school days of August. Since I'm a homeschooling mom, late August begins my second job as a teacher, so I have to get myself psyched up to juggle the demands of home life, teaching, and my writing career.

Earlier this month, I drove a group of Boy Scouts to their annual week-long camp in the Georgia mountains.
Aren't they cool?

They had a beautiful view all week.
They spent seven days earning Merit Badges, camping, building things, playing with snakes (yikes!), wading through the mud (it was monsoon season), and generally doing the things that boys who love being outside do.

Back at the country home, others were bored.
Where is that boy??? This house is boring with just adults in it!!
I realized how much my son does with me. Not only did he leave me this particular week, but he left the following week for a Christian boys camp. Two weeks without the person who carries in my groceries from Aldi, helps me pick up the produce from the produce co-op, walks the dog with me, visits Sam's Club to see how many humongous packages of toilet paper we can fit in the cart, and much more.

Wah!!!!!!!! Stop growing up!

It's a command.

I'm already dreading the empty nest when he goes to college.

Love your family.


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