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Monday, March 21, 2011

Leave of Absence

I've been gone from my blog for a whole week. Did you miss me? I hope so, just a little bit anyway. I just had too much to do, and something had to go. There were taxes to gather for the accountant, software to install for my husband's small business, more taxes, a birthday (mine - you have to guess how old because I'm not telling you!), more taxes, a goat farm field trip (more on that later), a magazine article with a looming due date, a PR project, and MORE TAXES. Whew!

I may be back on track now.

This is what kicked off my weekend - a professional bull riding rodeo!

Followed by grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning the guinea pigs' cage. So...the highlight of my weekend was obviously the rodeo.

We are babysitting a couple of guinea pigs - Chewy and Giggles - for the week while their family is on a cruise. I volunteered to go with them on the cruise, but they preferred we keep the g-pigs. I tried.

Cute, huh? I have to thank my friend Bridgette for asking us to keep them. I was actually considering letting my son have such creatures, as he has been begging for them. The babysitting gig helped me decide - NO G-PIGS for us! They are super messy. I let my son get the full benefit of cleaning up after them for the week. Sweeping (maybe 15 times a day?), feeding 2x day, and hosing out and cleaning out the cage (poop and all) every three days. He says he does not want to get guinea pigs anymore. Thanks, Bridgette!
Hope your weekend was wonderful, too.


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