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Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's De-baby-fy my Room

Over our Wednesday lunch date, my son informed me we were going to "de-baby-fy" his room this weekend. He said this with chocolate and ice cream all around his mouth.
"What does that mean," I asked? I thought his room was a perfectly acceptable 8-year-old's room.

"We have to get it ready for visitors," he said.  It seems a light blue plaid comforter is WAAAAAYYYY on the baby side. It had to be replaced immediately with camouflage.

"And it needs repainting," he said. I balked at that. I barely have time for all the domesticity as it is, and painting is not something I'm willing to add to the list right now. He agreed to keep "baby blue" walls for now.

I thought this whole "de-baby-fying" thing was going to be extra work for me. Turns out, when an 8-year-old is motivated, he can do amazing things.

Today, while I was writing away on my laptop in my office, across the hall I heard scuffling in his bedroom. Next time I looked, he had cleared the entire floor, put away all the toys in bins, hidden the bins out of sight, shelved all his books, vacuumed and dusted his room, AND CLEANED AND MOPPED THE BATHROOM adjoining his room.

Did you get all that?????????????????????

I have to beg for weeks just to get him to pick up one toy. Let me tell you, I was MIGHTY impressed.

"Let's de-baby-fy my room tomorrow," I said.


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