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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Raking Leaves is for Boys

We are sorry for the havoc in process and are praying for our neighbors to the north who are experiencing the traumatic effects of Hurricane Sandy.

I can only imagine how dangerous the winds are growing.

On a much lighter note, just this weekend as Sandy approached our coast, the winds on our little slice of land were whipping and we were hundreds of miles away from the storm's major forces.

So it was with surprise I looked out the window and saw my son raking leaves.

Whatever was he doing since the 20 mph winds were making it "snow" leaves? He would be raking all over again very soon!

And suddenly I realized why.

Little boys like to jump in piles of leaves, but so do puppies.

And it's fun to roll in them, too.

You know what's not all that fun? Bathing a white dog after such an adventure.

Oh, well. It was FUN. That's what counts!


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