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Thursday, October 25, 2012

You'd be Surprised What You Can Buy Locally

Rural living provides an easy opportunity to "go green." Living sustainably is eco-friendly and fiscally responsible. I'm not even mentioning the convenience. If you don't live in town, sometimes it's very time consuming to travel to all the stores you need to complete your shopping list.

When I'm not growing or making it myself, I really like to support the local farmers and craftsmen that live in my rural area.

On a recent Saturday afternoon full of errands (I group them for less driving), I purchased from three neighbor vendors who had exactly what I needed at exactly the right price.

Homegrown tomatoes from the farm stand. I didn't plant a second round, so my supply was long gone.

Chicken feed pellets produced locally from another community right down the road. It was sold by a family-owned feed-and-seed supplier 5 minutes from my house. (I love going there for good conversation and a Coke).

A flat of pansies hauled home in the back of my SUV from a grower 10 minutes from home. You can't beat 24 plants for $10 (and I didn't have to exhibit any patience growing my own flowers from seeds).

Buy local! Support your neighbors and create a better life for your family. Knowing who made what you consume each day is one important step we all can take to be environmentally and safety conscious.

Happy day!

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  1. Did you know that when you purchase from large corporate owned companies-that none of your hard earned dollars go back into the economy? However, when you support small business, such as your local farmers, boutiques,etc. 11% of your money goes back into our economy! In this economy we all need every bit of help we can get, and helping each other is a way of keeping our communities strong and blessing one another. So before you run into those big named stores try to think of someone you might know in a small business that could use your support...even if it might be a little out of your way. As a small business owner myself I appreciate your business and look forward to doing my part in supporting you in your's.